Is it a fairy tale? Love life 101.

So as promised here’s the story, if there’s one thing you should know about me I’m a sucker for a fairy tale and if it isn’t a love story I don’t want it.. maybe that’s why I was single for so long.

Wow using ‘was’ is a big step for me, seems strange to say I have a boyfriend … that isn’t just a celebrity I’m obsessed with.

So, he made it official on 22 May 21 and it only took him 3 months (plus 18 years – but I’ll get into that in this blog)

Throughout this story I’m not going to mention his name, mainly because this is my blog not his so I’ll just refer to him as J. I’m rude I know.

Anyways, if you ask J for this love story he won’t remember, well he does but only because I remind him of all the details 24.7 which is strange really as I am the most prominent person in his life to date.

Lets re wind the time back to 2003 I was 8 years old and in my little catholic primary school when a new boy joined the year (spoiler, it was J). I was all over him like a rash not because I fancied him or anything but because he was wearing his previous school uniform for the first week and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

We became friends fairly quickly, and if I’m honest he didn’t really have a choice he was always the quiet one and I did most of his talking. Somethings never change.

In our school we all had jobs, I don’t know if that’s normal or our school had a thing for child labour however me and J ‘worked together’ our job was to hold open the downstairs doors for everyone and after chatting during our job we were spending near enough every second during school with one another.

I’m talking breaks, and dinner times, sitting next to each other in assembly’s, hanging upside down on the wooden play area in the field after school, sitting on the coach to school trips and sharing snacks, sharpening our pencils at the same time just to chat at the bin, and sometimes I’d force him to bang heads with me so we could skip a bit of lesson and get a wet paper towel from the nurse – that’s fucking crazy I know.

After sometime we were meeting on the weekends too and going to each others houses after school for tea, it wasn’t long before our mums became friends and by then we were allowed sleepovers and to get each other presents on days out and holidays with our families.

It honestly was real young love.

We’d spend our summers at David Lloyd together, he’d force me up at 7am to help him with his paper round (I never got paid), spent days riding bikes all around Cheadle Hulme, Sony Ericsson phones blaring DJ Cammy, Friday teas and sleepovers, kissing behind the bushes in school, sharing clothes and trainers, and holding hands under the table.

I’d also read in Mizz magazine that if you were really in sync with your boyfriend you’d do similar things so when we were walking I’d always make sure my legs were going at the same speed as his and every birthday I’d make a wish that J and me would be ‘together forever’. Oh God I’m really exposing my crazy self now.

At 13, whilst in high school we broke up. We both can’t remember breaking up, I think we both just grew up and stopped hanging out as much however we’d still spend time together and we never stopped looking out for one another.

Over the years we would message each other, like each other’s pictures and randomly meet up and tell each other about what was happening in our lives. He’d always take me for a drive in his cars, he bloody loves cars and honestly, I couldn’t give a shit.

I’d babysit his younger brothers for his mum, and whilst I was working at the airport he joined too and we would use our dinner breaks for a catch up with a Greggs pasty in hand.

However, throughout these years we were always just friends, best friends that didn’t need to see each other all the time but when we did nothing had changed. Never romantic, never ever ever not even a kiss – our childhood romance was a thing from the past, I’d always think what if about us, and maybe he did too but we kept it respectable then lockdown happened…

During lockdown we met up, I know sorry Boris. I thought it’d be a normal catch up where we met up squeezed the last year of our life’s into a couple of hours conversation and then not see each other again until another year passed us by. However that wasn’t the case.

We met up again, and on this occasion J mentioned going for a drink together, I don’t know what he was thinking really because it was months until the bars were to reopen however I had a slight feeling he was asking me on a date. I asked my girls repeatedly if they thought it too, or just a drink as friends, but they agreed with me and honestly I got a bit giddy.

So after that we met up, lots of times – not to the bars we soon settled on Sunday dog walks, and the first time I went to his house we ended up kissing.

Because we have been friends for so long, scarily we had to have the conversation of ‘what is this’ quite early on because our friendship was / is to special to ruin on a bit of lockdown snogging. However, we both agreed we wanted to see what would become of us, and we wouldn’t have started all this with one another if that wasn’t the case.

After 3 months of dog walks, drinks, flowers on my doorstep, cooking nights (by me, not him), nights out, meeting each others friends, outside meals in freezing cold weather, nights in, sleepovers and 100 McDonald’s later he asked me to be his girlfriend on a Saturday morning before work after the most relaxed night ever.

And… without sounding soppy I am so happy, I never thought I’d love to spend so much time with someone as I was quite happy doing my own thing, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. He’s a shit texter, never turns up on time, constantly uses my hair dryer and doesn’t always laugh at my jokes but (ahhh I’m cringing writing this) he’s pretty perfect for me.

Love you and leave you, Lizi xx