Life update 2021

A lot of this blog has been about boys, failing dates, tinder nightmares and heartbreak, which is not surprising as I was single for 41 months.

Within those 41 months I would like to say I have matured, matured into someone I am proud to be, I am really comfortable with myself and I really like her though, I really like me.

41 months ago, when I first became single I was so lost, the best thing I could have done for myself was leave that relationship and I did.

Even then, oh god it fucking hurt.

The pain ended around 2 months after, and in the other 39 months I’ve changed careers, got a boyfriend, bought a house (I move in June), paid off all my debts, and started my own business.

I would like to think I have found my little spot in the world, my life isn’t perfect and sometimes on this blog I share the struggles along the way.

I have lost friends through death, and also through growth. My family has / had major health concerns, I sleep with a light on and wake around 4 times in the night scared someone is going to break in, my PCOS is a major concern everyday and the only reason I even managed to pay off my debt is because of a car crash a few years ago. So please, when you read this don’t think I’ve strolled in and got my shit together, because honestly I haven’t.

I am also not rich with money, but I am so rich with love. I have always had amazing people around me and I will forever be grateful for that, I have a great family and the best girls I could ask for. Recently, for the past couple of months a boyfriend… I say boyfriend he has not officially asked but he did leave flowers on my doorstep once so I think that has sealed the deal.

I have known him forever, and maybe someday in the near future I will tell you that love story but for now all you need to know is he is great for me, some might say shy but once you know him he’s an open book.

Moving on from him, I have bought a house. I do not know how, I do not know if I am crazy but all I know is I am so happy.

At 26, I have felt for a while that house sharing in the city needs to be over and in June; I will start my little life in the suburbs in my new pad. Maybe with a dog, who knows?

Finally, the business, I mean I am not rich from it and I still have to work full time in education to make a decent wage but I am now a trained lash technician and fully qualified in classic, hybrid and Russian lash extensions.

The beauty business is something I have always wanted to dive in, and with a little bit of a push from my friends I did it! I am also pretty busy from it, working most nights after the 9-5 glamming up the people of Manchester.

That’s my life update, maybe a blog about my mystery man, or the house process will follow but I can’t promise. My life is so busy with fun, love and FINALLY out of lockdown drinks. I hope you are all doing well.

Love you and leave you, Lizi xx