My experience of the Covid Vaccine

*Disclaimer, this isn’t to encourage people not to get the vaccine, this is just my experience

So thankfully, I am one of the lucky few in my age category that got offered the Covid Vaccine (Astrazeneca) and as 5:25 on Monday evening came around I was so excited walking through the Etihad doors to get my first dose, and of course I was prepared for that sore arm everyone speaks about.

Let me just write here that the Etihad was like a well oiled machine, so organised and efficient and it was actually a pleasure to have so much human interaction with enthusiastic staff after MONTHS of having next to none.

So we’ll get straight into it.. the sore arm was a real thing, and I instantly felt that and during my drive home my arm was just feeling heavier and heavier.

As soon as I got home I was so tired but didn’t think much of it, I read the leaflet I got given and like everyone presumes I naively thought I wouldn’t get any of the uncommon symptoms – something later I found out wasn’t true.

Monday night I went to bed at a normal time (10pm).

And as Tuesday morning rolled around and my body just felt physically drained, I felt so hungover even though I obviously hadn’t drank, and my arm felt like I had been punched in it repeatedly.

As I am still working from home I logged in at 9am and by my dinner break (walk planned) I fell asleep for the full hour.

At 4.30 I had someone viewing the house, so I let her in and as soon as she left 15 minutes later I fell asleep in bed, let me tell you that night was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. And if you live alone I encourage you to have someone stay with you.

I woke up numerous times during the night no longer than 15 minutes each time; 7pm, 1.30am, 6am and eventually 9am to start work. I text my mum each time I woke up, because you know she was obviously worrying as I kept in the loop of how I was feeling.

Throughout the night I was sweating so much my bed was wet (I know gross), I was boiling hot but also freezing cold, I was delusional and having the weirdest dreams, at one point I genuinely believed I was a doctor and was helping people with their symptoms and they were all living in my mansion – that I obviously don’t have.

I felt so ill and I couldn’t move my head off the pillow whilst in bed and there was a stage I felt like I needed to ring 111, something I’ve never done before.

I obviously know the number for 111 and but I was questioning myself thinking it was 101 because I was so delirious. Anyway I didn’t bother because I hate wasting time and speaking on the phone was something I couldn’t even find the energy for and went to sleep again shortly after again experiencing all the same delusional thoughts, the excess sweating and fever including that dreaded sore arm which makes it impossible to get comfy.

I slept in total that night 16 hours, I’m normally a 7 hours will do kind of girl and logged into work from home at 9am.

As soon as I logged in I knew it was the stupidest decision I’d made yet as I really wasn’t well enough to be doing anything and by 1pm I had to log off work sick, (I met those deadlines though because you know team player and all) and went back to sleep.

5pm I woke up, and stayed awake for 2 hours. In that time I couldn’t watch TV as I didn’t understand the plots at all and had to rewind so much I eventually gave up.

7pm comes around and I’m straight back to sleep, waking up at 10pm feeling like it was a new day.

I made food at around midnight, as I hadn’t eaten anything but a bag of crisps since Monday (another symptom loss of appetite) and at this point and fell back asleep at 1am.

Thankfully Wednesday nights sleep was nothing like Tuesday nights sleep however it still wasn’t great and my newly put on bedding was again, soaking wet. Gross.

Woke up at 8:30 Thursday morning (today), starting work at 9am and already feel a lot better however I still feel when 5pm rolls around I will be going straight back to sleep.

I am unsure when I will feel 100% myself again, something I honestly cannot wait for as this has completely drained me and knocked me for 6.

Theres a lot I’ve missed about what I experienced within the nights, as honestly I was so spaced out that I can’t quite remember everything I do although I do remember I felt utterly SHIT.

However, that’s just my experience of the first dose of the astrazeneca vaccine, and all the symptoms I experienced were on the advice sheet given to me in the ‘uncommon’ section – just my luck. Having them on the sheet though did make me feel more relaxed and if they weren’t on there I do think I would have been overly panicking. I also know many people that have had the vaccine and only experienced the sore arm (good for them) so this is not a reflection on the vaccine as a whole.

Finally I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel, I am the worst ill person going so this has been one hell of a ride I have not been prepared for.

Having said this roll on May when I get my 2nd dose, and yes I will still be having it mainly for that human interaction at the Etihad but I’ll leave that bit out.

Love you and leave you, Lizi xx