The C word

The ‘C’ word and I don’t mean cunt. Let’s be honest now, we’ve all had enough of it. Especially us Mancunians because we’ve been trapped in our 2 foot shared city places since March.

At the beginning, I had so many plans and was genuinely excited for this time to enjoy my own company and learn new things. But, I cannot be the only one who was all C’d out.

I remember just scrolling on Instagram and seeing home workouts, new languages and cooking tutorials whilst I am sat in the same tracksuit I have worn for the whole week.

I made a few stitched canvases but I am hardly writing a best seller about productivity. I also worked from home for 6 months, something I know many people say I should be grateful for.

Yes I am getting paid my full wage, Yes I’m working in joggers, and Yes I wake up at 8.50 because there is no commute to my living room. But, that’s part of the problem, for those 6 months’ work was slowly taking over my life and my home.

My house, normally a sacred place where I forget I have a full time job. My home has rules, such silly rules. I religiously washed my PJs and clothes I’ve used that day every day. I bleach my towels and I wash my extensions on a Sunday.

Lockdown 1 turned it on its head, there was a 2 screened completed taking up half my living room as well as an open MacBook on the sofa (on with work email I should add). The washing basket has never had to hold so much weight, and the usual Zoflora smell was taken over by spaghetti bolognaise I cooked for the 15th time in a row. My fridge only had alcohol and smoothies in it (because you know, balance). I have however enjoyed some of the time, I’ve enjoyed my family zooms, talks over the fence with my neighbors and surprise visitors to the drive way wine in hand.

I am FUCKING thankful I work in education, and we are only of the only sectors in Manchester allowed to commute to work. I am thankful students have put their trust in me and my colleagues to keep them safe. Finally, I am super super thankful to my mum for been the best women I can have in my support bubble.

Here’s to another round of tier 3 folks!

Love you and leave you, Lizi