A years free rent

Hi all it’s been a while.

OK here goes, I have actually thought long and hard about this. And I’ve worked out I pay £5,400 a year on rent. I wonder why whenever my mates ask me on a night out I pre drink until my liver can’t take it anymore and sip water in the club.

In this day and age (wow I sound like my Nan), the reality is high rent in shitty shared houses.

Imagine winning a years free rent, with the extra money I’d do a lot, and because I luckily/un was involved in a car crash (not to serious don’t worry) the payout and lots of saving covered my debt costs – Hallelujah. So at least this will not be to pay off any stupid debt I got in at 19.

First I would book a flight, I would obviously have to lick my bosses arsehole because like every other 24 year old I’ve wasted all of my annual leave allowance on Hangover Mondays.

He’d let me though, because I make a good bru and I do work hard. Id probably go to Barbados to see my mum OR America to chill with my cousins. Both would be valid options.

I’ve been to America every November for the past 2 years, but this year after going to 100 festivals over the summer I haven’t been able to afford it – Which sucks.

Also, since I last have wrote this blog Ive matured fully as an adult opened a help to buy scheme (thanks Martin Lewis) and I’m saving to get on the property ladder. I’m also looking into starting university (WHAT?) and I have a fuck off fund.

If you don’t know what a fuck off fund is, it’s a saving account that you put money in so you can just fuck off. Hate your job? Hate your man? Hate the weather? Having a fuck off fund let’s you fuck it off without thinking of the financial complications.

Random funny story – I have a starling bank account it’s a bank account which is made for millennials (am I a millennial?) You can have ‘spaces’, which is a place to save money and you can name them. One of my spaces is called the ‘fuck off fund’. Recently, I had to do a security check when I called my bank, and guess what the question they asked me was… ‘please can you name your most recent space’. I was sat in my office on the phone to the bank and had to repeat fuck off fund 3 times until he understood me. I could have died.

Anyways, imagine year of no rent, that’d be amazing.

Saving £450 a month is a dream. I’m sorry I have no friends that can save £450 a month.

But, maybe we’re all just skint?

Love you and leave you,

Lizi xx