The ex, and the new expectations.

Hi all, I am back!

I have been completely absent recently. Do you know how hard it is to write blog posts when you are in and out of fields, drunk every day, with no phone battery or signal and attending festivals up and down the country? Well truthfully, it is fucking hard.

Let us speak about that topic again; love, heartbreak and all the shit in between.

Most people at my age will have at least one serious ex, and depending on how you broke up you might still follow them on social media, stalk their life and like pictures of their family photos. Maybe, even sometimes you’ll receive the generic message of ‘I hope your family is all okay’. (Eye roll)

Now with this friendliness there can sometimes be mixed feelings, I can’t deny that in the past I have ran back to my ex’s after a break up, because I’m a sucker and for a while I was scared of single life.

I have now being single for 20 WHOLE MONTHS (I am not counting) and I am currently the head of the ‘stay strong and don’t fuck your ex society’.

Going back to your ex isn’t all-bad, I have friends who have broken up with their boyfriends had a little break and now they are better than ever.

Unfortunately, for me, my boyfriends have never been all that well matched to myself, so running back would never change the fact that we are not compatible at all and with each break up it kind of gets harder to walk away.

I mean the only thing I had in common with my ex is we both liked chili heatwave Doritos, I don’t actually know how we had conversations.

I would never call out on anybody that goes back to their ex, because you know, shit happens and you do whatever you need to do to benefit yourself. The only thing I have a problem with is when people are sucked back into crazy toxic relationships, through control power and mind games. Heartbreak hurts, but being manipulated hurts more.

For me, my next relationship will *hopefully* be my last. I am a believer of the waiting game and after 20 months, I think I fucking deserve it. I have a list of expectations, so the day I find this make believe man I will be sure to never let him go. I might not mention my list of expectations in the fear he’ll think I’m such a weirdo and run miles away.

There is always time to find someone that idolises you, so girls, if that is not your devil dick ex move on, slap your arse and walk away.

Love you and leave you,

Lizi XX