What to pack for a music festival.

Oh fuck, I love a good festival. I know it’s some people’s worst nightmare, but for me it’s what my summer is supposed to consist of. There’s lots to pack for a festival, especially when your camping so here’s a little list of my essentials, and the not so essentials I always make sure I take.

First I’ll start with admitting I’m an over packer, and couldn’t care less about paying someone (there’s normally people at the gates) to carry all the unnecessary shit I’ve decided to bring along. Anyway, I’m digressing here’s my list:

Tent – Very important, and if you forget that I’m sorry but you don’t even deserve to be there.

Portable charger – I always try take a few of these. On site there are normally charging stations (you have to pay) but I need my phone 24/7 for all the pictures I’m going to take and never look at again so a portable charger is always on my list.

Make up / Baby wipes – USED FOR EVERYTHING, use your imagination.

Toilet roll – Portaloos never have any left, let’s be honest

Dry Shampoo – For those greasy days.

Onesie – I know you want to look nice for your whole time at this festival, but if its in the UK its probably freezing so a onesie is a staple item you need.

Sleeping bag – Just like a duvet, but for camping. It’ll keep you warm.

Alcohol – Lots of fucking alcohol, festival prices are crazy don’t be shocked when you’re getting charged £10.50 for a double rum and coke. Alcohol is a packing essential, bags of wine are my go to.

Hangover relief / Ibruprofen – For the morning after all the alcohol, before the hare of the dog obviously.

Plasters / Blister Plasters – There is nothing worse, and you’ll be walking a lot. Don’t let a little blister ruin your festival.

Torch – You need a torch, and don’t rely on just your phone because that will die even with the portable chargers, you can get a cheap torch off Amazon. That’ll do you to guide your drunk self over everyone’s tent pegs.

Body wash – Need I say more; your tent mate will be happy

Small towel – To dry yourself, obviously.

Bikini – Communal showers, you need something to go in. Do not make the mistake of not packing a bikini like I did at my first festival when I was 16.

Portable speaker – Like there isn’t enough music already, everyone needs a speaker in their tent for the mornings of getting ready with that killer hangover

Plastic Cups / Fold down water bottles – If you want to drink your alcohol you’ve brought along, you need something to sip it from. The fold down water bottles are the best, because you can fold it down and pop it in your bag once you’ve finished your drink.

Hand sanitizer – You’re sleeping in a field; that’s probably pretty muddy hand sanitizer is always a good idea.

Mirror – Don’t just rely on the mirror in your powder compact, that is is just NOT enough, when have you ever done a good face of makeup with a compact mirror?

Toothpaste / Toothbrush / Mouthwash – In case you have a snog, and just for general oral hygiene.

Hair Brush

Bobbles – Why do they just always go missing?

Air bed – If you want to be fancy

Condoms – Better to be prepared, than come home from a festival with an unwanted gift of pregnancy.

Money – You don’t want be paying to get your own money out the cash machine.

ID – With a baby face like mine, ID is always my essential.

TICKET – Don’t fucking forget that.

Bin Bags – To clear up all your shit at the end of the weekend, it annoys me so much that not everyone does this. Would you have a party in your garden and just leave all the mess? No you wouldn’t clear up after yourself.

Wellies / Docs – You need good shoes, your white converse Hun are just not substantial.

Outfits – 2 outfits a day, including underwear. What if you fall in mud, what if you feel like pure shit in an outfit you loved at home. Pack 2 a day to be safe. Include a rain coat!

Socks – Long socks, thick socks, you need lots of socks.

Make-up – I love makeup, so this just has to be on my list.

Glitter/ Eyelashes/ Diamantes – All the razzle dazzle.

Now, I’m sure I’ve forgot something. But that’ll do, my friend will bring the stuff I forget ha ha. Hope this helps if you are going to a festival this summer, and if not I hope this helped you get inside my messed up brain of unorganized chaos.

Love you and leave you,

Lizi XX

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  1. I always take my 10 litre pump-action plant sprayer which can be use as a makeshift shower. People laugh initially, but they all coming crawling to use it when they’re sweating like Josef Fritzl on Grand Designs.

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