Having a guy best friend.

Now, I’m not here to scream from the hills about having a guy best friend, in fact it’s not all flowers and sunshine. He drives me up the fucking wall and also tells me I wear too much makeup at least once a week, and forces me to spend my nights watching endless united games in the pub.

But here we are, 5 years later still friends, god only knows how we’ve both put up with one another, but having a guy best friend has taught me the inside of a man’s brain and frankly, I’m fucking worried for my future.


Now, I have a lot of secrets which is hard to believe as my life is plastered all over this blog but there’s those secret secrets you just can’t tell people. Mainly because you know everyone in Manchester will find out in 0.2 seconds if you tell one of your girls, but with guys they just don’t spill. I don’t know why, but it’s bloody wonderful, so he constantly hears my deep dark secrets and I am sure nobody else would ever know! I’ve rang him crying over spilt milk, and rang him buzzing about my greatest achievements. He’s heard it all.


I go through day to day life as my nickname, Lizi. My ‘real’ name is Elizabeth, but Lizi is what I go by. Except my family, they call me Boo, but that’s too embarrassing so we don’t speak about that. My best boyfriend on the other hand calls me Elizabeth, don’t ever ask me why and how I allow it because I don’t know how I’ve coped this long.


That big green monster, jealousy. It’s horrible isn’t it? No, I don’t fancy him, and I never will but when a new chick comes into the picture I get automatically defensive and jealous. I picked him as my friend because he’s funny, friendly, loves my family and listens to shit songs with me on repeat in our PJ’s. He’s recently got a girlfriend, will he forget I exist and rap songs with her instead? I fucking hope not.


We’ve heard this before, many times actually it’s funny that it’s been 5 years and people still think I’m in a secret love affair with him. Our friendship doesn’t mean we fancy each other, actually I do the same with my girls. It doesn’t mean he wants to rip my clothes off, what it means is were both as weird as one another.

There’s many other things I’ve learnt, and I will forever have his back in every situation. Here’s to 0our future of friendship and possibly that marriage everyone speaks about.

I’ll love you and leave you,

Lizi XX

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