Its nearly summer, how do I prep?

Hi Chickas, summer is fast approaching!

Manchester has had a few hot days; the boys have their tops off, every fucker is in a beer garden straight from the 9-5 and the BBQ texts are coming through thick and fast.

My preparation for summer is fairly simple, I dig out the summer dresses that smell musty give them a wash and go straight for a pint. Other than that though, I have loads to maintain throughout the year but extras throughout the summer. I always have my nails done normally long acrylic (I’m sorry I just can’t get out of my 2011 habits) but my toe nails get neglected, summer on the other hand I’m wafting my feet at my nail lady and making her paint them tip-ex white. Lush.

I also have extensions down to my arse, and in winter they look incredible come summer it’s like wearing a snowsuit in the Bahamas, I’m dripping. But I can just never let them go, it’s an addition honestly.

Fake tan also, it’s a necessity for my white Irish skin, I love the tan in winter I just tan my arms and feet (god help the day I ever bring a boy home and I look like I have a skin condition under the clothes). In summer I’m a mixed smell of biscuits, coconut butter and mint shower gel because my whole body is covered in it, top to bottom even the private areas. Irrelevant story, I have a personal trainer and he asked why there was black gunge dripping down my neck, oh Josh that’s just my tan Hun don’t worry, its summer season.

There’s loads of added cost to summer, the festivals the copious amounts of alcohol and of course if you’re anything like me the beauty treatments. I think it costs me the same amount of money as a flight just to sort my tan, lashes, nails and hair before a trip. Boys have it bloody easy don’t they aye.

I love summer, I’m a summer lover, everything about it the longer days and happier vibe, the festivals the weeks in sweaty tents, the long hungover flights back from your girlie holiday, I just have one wish. Please can I have the 6 week summer holiday’s like I had in school.

Bring on the summer, that’s what I say.

Love you and leave you,

Lizi XX

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