Social media friendships – How to find friends on Bumble BFF.

Recently all I’ve been writing about is Tinder dates, which are funny, embarrassing and a good laugh but I’m a girl’s girl. As I am running low on content regarding Tinder, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and talk about friendships.

I’m way more than love and relationships and wasting my time swiping left and right. My friends will forever be on top of any relationship I get into. I mean not literally as sharing isn’t really my thing, but each to their own.

So as I’m so open about how I try to find love online, on apps and things alike why not friendships? Is there a stigma that makes that weird?

So as I am weird, I will backtrack to November 2017. This is the time where you all know I’d just broke up with my boyfriend and I was a mess, I looked a mess, I was now poor as I was now paying all the house alone. Along with all that my friends had babies so weren’t up for getting paralytic with me on a Monday night and honestly I was! Another boy isn’t going to fix my broken heart I needed a girl gang to pull me together and drink with me and force me to kiss a minger in a club.

So, I downloaded Bumble BFF. Bumble is a dating app (shockingly I know it well) but there is a section specifically for girls to meet girlfriends. Weird, and on an app? My kind of thing.

The setup of Bumble friends it’s pretty much the same as any dating app you’ve found yourself on over the years. You upload your hottest pics, mine included pictures of me drinking, partying, with friends, at work, and a selfie. I thought that showed I wasn’t a boring bitch and honestly I could be a potential candidate for a BFF. You write your bio and set the radius you’re willing to look for friends in and you swipe left and right.

Now a Tinder bio is easy, my Tinder bio currently is ‘I smile more in person, Big Narstie said I have a good arse, Louis Theroux is my idol’. This shows I am smiley, I have a good bum (a little bit of flirt) and I’m intellectual because I love Louis Theroux.

A Bumble BFF bio on the other hand is fucking difficult, I don’t care to tell girls that Big Narstie once told me I had a good bum or that I smile more in person so my Bumble BFF bio was something like. ‘I’m Lizi, 23 and totally not a stalker my Instagram handle is @_______ so you can see I’m real. I love a Malibu and coke and a night out. Unfortunately not into fitness but one can dream’.

Then I started swiping, I swiped left on girls that were obviously cat fished, had interests that didn’t match mine, and all the rest I was swiping right, right, right.

I can’t remember my first match on Bumble, but it was weird. I remember thinking it was super weird to be excited that another lonely female was contacting me. How do I speak to girls on an online ‘dating’ app. ‘Hi can we be friends’ wasn’t going to work and I decided to just send GIFs and hope for the best.

Shortly after I got another match, her name was Tori. She seemed cool and was into all of the same things as I was, she’d moved to the area to be with her boyfriend and was in a similar situation to me apart from the fact she was still very much in love and I was a heartbroken mess.

Shortly after exchanging interests Tori told me she was meeting up with some girls on the Saturday and would I like to come? Unfortunately in the midst of my breakup I book a last minute flight to Orlando to see my family and flew out the next day.

When I got back, I messaged Tori again to pick up where we left off and she added me into a group chat.

By this time she had rounded up 10 lonely girls lost in a big city, we all arranged to meet in town and have a few drinks.

Well that happened and it was great, I was a nervous wreck when I was walking up to them it actually felt like a date! The next minute there was 14 girls in the WhatsApp group and we all planned a big night out for one of the girl’s birthdays, well the night went amazing. We were pre drinking, then we went out and just drank and drank and drank. I strolled in at 4am equipped with a kebab and 14 new friends!

Now the WhatsApp group chat was always popping, I had around 200 WhatsApp notifications a day and we were meeting at least once a week.

We had so many good nights out, BBQ’s, sleepovers, gigs and casual drinks and eventually we were doing everything together. As there was 14 of us there was never a time where everyone was busy you could always find a plan with somebody.

Now unfortunately like many friendships, life gets in the way and our crazy adventures were becoming few and far between with many of the girls getting new jobs, boyfriends and all the other bull shit we put on ourselves trying to make it in a big city.

Thankfully, everyone is doing well and out of the 14 I still chat to most of the girls and meet up whenever possible. Actually it was only recently I went for an after work meal with one in town and I ended up having to leave my car and get an Uber home as we spent £200 on cocktails and side plates.

I’m sure as summer returns there will be more plans for us to attend as a team again, but until then all us city living bitches are just trying to make a pound and eat good.

If you are thinking finding friends online is weird, or odd then you are wrong I’ve recommended so many people to Bumble BFF and they’ve all found a big or small group of girls to spend their free time with.

Anyways until next time,

Lizi XX

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