Finding Mr Right – Liverpool Larry

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So this one is not a ‘recent’ Tinder guy at all really, but he has popped into my life again recently.

So let me try and explain. First we need to rewind back to the tender age of 19 (5 whole years ago). I was getting up at 1:30am to slap on a full face of makeup on, and start my 3am – 2pm shift at Manchester Airport.

As you can probably imagine, the airport is a girl infested world. I actually wrote 2 blog posts about my time at the airport (Here) and (Here). I had an absolute ball with the girls, and flirted with fit passengers all day. At 19, what more could I have asked for? More sleep probably.

I was on Tinder, shock! My tool through life and matched with a fit scouse boy – proper bit of me he was.

Let’s call this guy Liverpool Larry just to make it easier for ourselves.

So Liverpool Larry had a contract at Manchester Airport in the cargo centre, doing manly things I never really understood. But he was in my distance ‘range’ and we matched.

At the time like I said I was working at the airport, but I also had a lot of promotion work on the side.

Liverpool Larry and I had spoken for a while via text and phone calls and genuinely I thought he was nice.

I was working endless shifts at the airport, but had a 9 day holiday coming up to work at a music festival for 7 of those days. So I went and had the best time at this festival, when I was on my way back I knew I’d be going through Liverpool, so I thought I’d give him a quick call.

Now at 24 I cringe at this because; I had been in a field for a week, I looked like shit, I was covered in mud but I thought this would be a GREAT time to go and meet the guy I fancied for the first time.

I drove to Liverpool Larry’s FAMILY HOME (!), met his mum, dad and brother had a shower to scrub away the dirt and ended up staying the night. Don’t even ask. I was wreckless.

We spent the following day chatting away, eating and obviously shagging.

Everything was going great, we were going on dates and we both spent a lot of time up and down the M6. Until one day after a sleep deprived shift I had a call off Larry that he was going to work in Germany for 5 weeks.

Amazing. Stay calm I told my immature self.

‘Aw amazing, when is it you go?’ … ‘Tomorrow’ … ‘TOMORROW. FUCKING TOMORROW. YOUR BOSS IS A DICK AND PLEASE SAY YOU ARENT GOING’. I screamed down the phone.

Surprisingly, he went to Germany.

I calmed down pretty fast and we spoke throughout his whole work trip to Germany, and he gave me FaceTime tours of his shitty shared room.

When he got back to the UK he went to Ibiza with his friends, this was always planned it was just shit timing. Now it was 7 WEEKS since I last saw Liverpool Larry.

I grinned and bared it, I mean no one else would put up with my work hours so fuck it.

When he got back from Ibiza he had a training course in Manchester, so we went for dinner and chatted again. I think he then mentioned having to go to London for work. Fuck this. I can’t put up with this Larry, I’m sorry, I’m too needy.

So that was it, we stopped speaking, the distance, my immaturity and the fact I was always functioning off 4 hours sleep ruined it.

Anyway, you all know that isn’t the end because I wouldn’t be writing a blog about it.

So we started speaking again and Larry told me he’d booked a one way ticket to Australia. AMAZING. FUCKING AMAZING.

We spoke on and off until his trip, I stayed at his and we went for meals in Liverpool and Manchester. Then he went to Australia for 2 years (?) We spoke a couple of times in those 2 years, a FaceTime here and there but I was always watching his different adventures on Instagram. It looked amazing, and frankly I was fucking jealous.

Liverpool Larry came back to the UK again, and got in contact. I reluctantly spoke back and we said we would meet. We didn’t.

I then went to Liverpool on a Hen Do and Larry was a bit pissed I hadn’t told him, so when I was next in Liverpool a few months later I called him up! We spoke again, arranged to meet and that’s when he told me he had booked a one way ticket to Canada. CAN THIS GET ANY FUCKING BETTER? The cycle continued.

We stopped speaking shortly after and in March 2019 Larry got in touch again to say his flight to Canada is in the first week of April and it would be lovely to see me before he went.

I agreed and asked ‘when?’ he replied ‘now’.

So he came, 2 hours later he was knocking on my front door with an Asda bag in hand filled with my favourite Rose wine, Rum and Diet Coke.

We got smashed, no lie. I drank the whole bottle of wine and shortly after the rum was gone too. We laughed, and spoke about the years he was away, we watched music videos together and rapped like we were in N.W.A, and shagged. A lot.

Liverpool Larry and I woke up in the morning a little worse for wear, he brushed my hair (my favourite thing ever) and we went down stairs to the smell of an alcohol filled front room. Larry made us both breakfast, we watched Come Fly with me and I reminisced on my different jobs at the airport whilst he was away.

Larry explained he had took a cooking class whilst he was in Thailand, instead of shagging Ladyboys Larry was learning to cook. My kind of guy.

He left mid afternoon we had a little kiss, and said our goodbyes.

So that’s the story of Liverpool Larry. I am now going to proceed to cry that he’s fucked off again to go live his best life on the other side of the world.

(I secretly hope he hates it and comes straight back to the North West).

Anyways, let’s catch up soon!

Lizi XX


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