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Wowee, 2 dates. (Read about my previous one here) I’ve either won the jackpot or my Tinder pictures show a different fucking girl than the one I see on a Sunday morning after a night on the booze.

Now let’s start at the beginning with this guy, we chatted for a while.
When I say while I mean we were both fully ready to give up – I mean we both didn’t sign up for a pen pal. 

Whilst being my pen pal I found out he also had a blog. We swapped links – BIG mistake number 1 (Hi if your reading) – Let’s now call him Blogger Boy.
I cancelled 3 times (don’t ask) and he cancelled once.

Finally we arranged a date and both fucking stuck to it, what a surprise.
Before I left the house I thought it was a wise idea to down 3 rum and cokes before I fell into an Uber and headed to our meeting point.

I told my Uber driver (Naveed) everything, about how I would cough if I didn’t find him attractive when we pulled up and he was to promise me that he would drive me straight home again without stopping.

But I didn’t cough, and Naveed waved me off on my date and wished me luck. Cheers Hun.

Blogger boy was waiting outside looking all fit and shit. Did I mention it was a work night by the way? 

I digress, he was super friendly and nothing like the serial killer I’d prepped myself up to meet.

The outfit, my god my outfit! The shirt I decided to wear was clearly made for a 7 year old child and I was genuinely worried my boobs were going to fall out in front of poor Blogger boy’s eyes any moment.

But…  I looked good,so breathing and a boob slip didn’t matter right now.

We started talking, I mean honestly I can talk for days which I think he gathered fairly early on.
I also have this really annoying habit of telling dates of mine every bad thing about myself. From the time I pissed myself in year 7 all the way through to going to work with no bra on. Fuck it lets tell them everything and scare them away. That’s exactly what first dates want to experience! Am I right?

Shockingly he wasn’t deterred, I was now 3 rums and 3 cocktails down and I was really a little too confident with myself.

Whilst in the bar we witnessed a fight outside, well not a fight but a girl throwing a take away everywhere and throwing stuff at her boyfriend before abandoning her car and stomping up the road.

Now this was me done, I’d fully checked out of the date.

I’m such a nosey cow and needed to know the ins and outs of the story. Making up situations in my head (and probably out loud lets be honest) about what it could have been about, my date and every other person in the bar clearly weren’t as arsed as me though as nobody else noticed.

We soon realised we lived 2 roads away from one another, either a fucking coincidence or the serial killer story I planned in my head was turning out to be correct.

Because of it being a work night the bar shut at 11pm so both of us (mainly me) decided that Blogger Boy NEEDED to see my house and would get in my Uber to mine and carry on the chat.

I clearly thought he cared about my new carpet and my Laura Ashley wallpaper and gave him a grand tour of my 2 bed terrace whilst my housemate was trying to sleep.
During this grand tour I must have sobered up and realised I am up for work shortly and need at least 8 hours sleep in order to be human in the morning. So we chatted for a while, and I finally found out some things about him before he headed home.

We both did mention a second date, and probably in the future I will take him up on that offer and go because he was honestly lovely, and everything I look for in a guy. (I’m 100% not writing this in case he’s reading).

My only problem, and I’m going to be honest with you here is that without sounding like I melt… I want something. I want a relationship, and I didn’t get the same vibe back. So we all know that’d be a disaster waiting to happen, don’t we?

Anyways so that’s the end of that one, nothing more to give you. I’ll be sure too tell you more of my stories soon.

Lizi xx


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