Finding Mr Right

In August – 6 whole months of swiping left, I wrote a blog about the crazy world of Tinder. (Link here in case you haven’t had a read)

I opened up to you all about my online dating life and thought why not carry on this journey? My whole private life is already plastered across the internet, why not put more out there? So here I am.

This is going to be a series, I say series but I don’t have much content about these dates. They are very few and far between but it’ll be a ‘series’ none the less.

So now, unlike my party days I’m a mature 24 year old women. I have a kind-of career and the occasional empty wash basket so I think I’m ready to find a man. And, let’s be honest if I don’t at least its great content for my blog, am I right!?

I will just put a little disclaimer in right now that unfortunately I will be using code names for these boys, their identities can be kept a secret for now just in case I marry them one day and I’d have to hide from my mum that I found them on the deep dark net.

The dates aren’t the type you read about in the OK magazine, I’m not getting chauffer driven to London and having an evening in The Shard, I mean I’m quite happy with a Nandos and a porn star martini. But whatever, it’s a date. The series has officially started.

My first date is with a fireman, I mean he might not even be a real fireman because I never saw him in his uniform – not even a picture. So let’s just call him the Fireman, because that’s what he claimed.

I’ll speak to you next Sunday and tell you more about Fireman Sam then.

Love you and leave you!

Lizi XX


  1. HAHAHA fireman Sam – love that! This series sounds like it could get quite interesting so I look forward to reading them in the future! Let’s hope you get some better vibes from the next ones!

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  2. Ohhhhh damn! I met my lovely girlfriend on Tinder and we’ve been together for 2 years now – I have never been this happy ever before!!
    I support Tinder dating, and get real excited when I hear others stories whether it be funny fails or successful dates. I can’t wait to read more of your date with The Fireman!!

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