Oh shit I’m old AF. 24!

So today is my birthday and I turned 24. Shit it just hit me, I’m 24. Twenty bloody four.

I honestly believe time is going far to fast!

I’m currently 10 hours into the big 2-4, and unsurprisingly I don’t feel that different.

Fun fact – I share my birthday with Justin Bieber and Kesha. So I guess you could call me the third musketeer on that talented duo.

When I was younger I always thought 24 was really old.

I mean realistically it isn’t really is it? It sounds it a little bit though especially when my friend’s children gasp in horror when I say my age.

The average age a women in the UK lives in 81 years old. I still have 57 years left.

Personally I’ve had my life planned out since I was young (told you I was a planner). I’d decided by 11 that I would be married at 26 and have my first baby at 28.

Well I can tell you, that isn’t going to happen now because I also planned to be with my bae for 4years before I was married.

So I’ve definitely missed that boat.

Anyway enough of the negativity and reminding myself about my age, I’ve had the best birthday week so far and this weekend will be the icing on the cake. (Get it?)

I am fully aware that this weekend is going to involve the worst hangover known to man and strolling in my house no earlier than 8am. I mean I know myself its been 24 whole years!

I have a few little plans for the next 365 days of my life:

  • Go back to America to see my family
  • Stay off social media
  • Slow down!
  • Enjoy my free time
  • Lie about your age to everyone that asks

Now, from a mature and older me – speak to you Sunday!

Lizi xx


  1. Aw happy birthday for yesterday!! Hope the weekend brings you a slightly less horrible hangover than you are expecting and I like the little goals you set at the end!

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