‘Blogging is just a waste of time’

Recently I’ve been thinking about why I blog, and why do other people blog?

Now without sounding like a big headed cow bag I would say I’m naturally funny. Reciting stories and giving funny accounts of things just come natural to me. YouTube is something I have contemplated for a while, and a lot of people ask me why I haven’t done it yet but honestly having my face and bad habits in a video all over the internet takes me away from this option.

I do get a lot of people asking me why I write on a blog, especially the older relatives in my family who just have no idea why I’d waste my time doing it.

Well I blog for many reasons; having a space to write all your thoughts and ideas is very therapeutic but much cheaper than therapy. I enjoy writing down the madness that’s in my head and the silly things that have happened. It gives me a little rush when I publish something, and I religiously check my statistics.

I do tend to write the blog as if nobody is reading it though, especially people I know because it does make me cringe a bit and fills me with fear that any of my family would read the ever so personal posts about my life. But, I also find it crazy that so many people on the internet know so much about me and my crazy life without actually knowing me personally.

I blog for my future, when I have my own children and grandchildren I’d love for them to see my blog and read everything written in my own words with a few little pictures thrown in.

Maybe we’ll actually have something better than the internet then? But, just like my old embarrassing Myspace account they’ll still be able to read/see this in many years to come. They’ll still be able to see what their old looking grandma was doing in her life BEFORE she became their Grandma.

I’ve always liked diary’s, diary’s are my life. My work diary has everything I’ve done in work that day ‘emailed Ash’ ‘meet with John to discuss bla bla’ ‘send all emails to students regarding bla bla’ my diary tells me literally everything I have ever done in work since the day I started. My personal diary is a paragraph a day of what I’ve done, sometimes its small like ‘had the best bath and drank a glass of wine on the sofa alone whilst catching up on Dancing on Ice – isn’t Gemma Collins just amazing’ and othertimes I’ll have paragraphs of the crazy adventures I’ve done with my friends. Like a diary, a blog is a great place to write down everything and look back in a few months to see if life has changed since.

I like thinking my blog helps people, I don’t write about pressing issues or brexit because honestly I haven’t got a fucking clue about anything substantial. But I do know a lot about being a 20-something year old young female in the north of England, and I like to think everyone can relate to get them through life’s little milestones.

Personal development is also a massive thing for me, around November 2017 I was depressed. I mean I wasn’t on medication or anything like that but I found life a little bit difficult and couldn’t find happiness in anything. My blog opens me up to a new world I never knew before, where people write exactly how they feel and not what they think everyone wants to see like on Instagram. Frankly, I couldn’t give a shit if you’re jetting to the Maldives for the 3rd time this year whilst I’m sat on my sofa in the middle of Manchester.

It’s fun! If I didn’t find blogging fun I wouldn’t be here, if I dreaded Sunday at 10am where I knew I had to publish a new post I wouldn’t be here. Most the time I have 3+ blogs in my scheduled ready for the next 3weeks.

Another reason is I am SHIT at spelling and grammar. I mean I’d be shocked if you hadn’t noticed. I have so many good ideas but I just can’t write them down. I spell check my posts 100 times and I still have commas in the wrong place. (I’m a bit comma happy really). Since this blog has started I have noticed I am a lot more confident writing and also texting people instead of just phoning like I normally did before.

So when Jan asks me ‘why I’m wasting my time blogging again’ I’ll explain to her that there will be a future without me, and I want to be remembered and really Jan that’s pretty deep hun.

Let’s catch up soon, would love to know why you all blog!

Lizi xx


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