What I know from being single…

Wow, the love topic again I need to chill the fuck out. But it’s February and apparently the month of love…

I thought, as I’m now the expert at single life in your mid-twenties I’d give you a rundown of what I have learnt during my almost-single year. Side note 1: I say almost as I broke up with my last serious relationship in November 2017, but I dated someone ‘exclusively’ for a few months in-between then and now.

I am someone that has constantly had relationships, some serious some not-so-serious and I always presumed single life would be boring. It definitely isn’t as boring as the world makes out it to be, I mean sometimes I absolutely love eating a tub of ice cream on my own without being judged.

I love the freedom of doing what you want, when you want without having to think of someone else and this is something to never take for granted. Obviously I miss a little cuddle, but it isn’t in my top 10 things of my week and if I was that desperate I’m sure Bumble would have a few candidates.Side note 2: Not saying I’ve done this.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is not to be depending on someone else for happiness. Like many women I’ve invested too much into past relationships and lost myself a little bit along the way. We are all a bit guilty of this. I’ve now learnt so much about myself in the past year, that depending on somebody else just couldn’t be possible.

I love the relationships I now have. When single, your family and friends are your number one when a man is in the picture sometimes you spend so much of your free time with them that you miss out on silly nights in with the girls doing face masks and chatting shit. Your relationships with both friends and family become so much stronger than they ever were before and it’s bloody beautiful.

I’m a catch, honestly. Over the year I’ve noticed all the amazing and unique things about myself that honestly boys should be queuing up to date. Side note 3: I have a house, a car and a job and their mum will love me.

Going on dates every week is not the be all and end all of life, how about just chilling out a bit and when the girls ask you out for a quiet night (which you know is never quiet) pop along instead of swiping on Bumble hoping to find the man of your dreams.

I have the opportunity to do things for myself, my work place recently offered to enroll me on a night course to gain a new qualification. Now, if I wasn’t single I would hesitate on having to give up 2 of my evenings a week to commit to something like this. But I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and I am genuinely excited to start the 6 month course in March.

I know what I want in a guy, being single for this long allows you time to decide what you’d like and I know all the qualities I’d like in a potential bae and I’m not prepared to settle until that person comes along.

Wild nights out. Obviously when I was in relationships I enjoyed a drink.. It’s me were talking about here. But, I’ve really enjoyed the wild nights out until 8am whilst being single. No one to have to explain where I am too and no one I’ll have to conversate with in the morning when I’m angin’ out my head.

I hope if you are finding being single a little bit lonely you notice all the reasons around you why you shouldn’t, and you notice all the wonderful things about yourself too. This is an opportunity to grow, grab it!

Speak soon,

Lizi xx


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