The January Blues.

We’ve made it, it’s nearly the end of January. We may/may not have stuck to all those New Year’s resolutions we planned, we may have sunk deeper into our overdraft because of the early Christmas pay day back in December, and we may have broken that diet we planned for ourselves. But its OK people, we’ve made it. Were in one piece!

January is a really weird one for me, I have a very ‘high onlife’ personality so when something small goes wrong I submerge to a soggy mess like a rich tea in a brew. New Year’s day I always cry, this year shockingly was no exception. It might be a come down from all the anticipation of the festive period, or the fact I’m an absolute wet wipe and reminisce far too much on the year that’s just past. Is January Blues really a thing?

As January finally draws to an end, I start to feel like my year has ‘officially’ started. I’m skint as shit in January, and I know I’m not the only one so when pay day hits at the end of the month and February blesses me with its presence that’s where my year truly starts.

January as well as being my poorest month of the year, is (this year) really fucking cold. I mean Manchester weather at the best of times is fucking awful, but I’m thinking of genuinely getting shares in Zara so they can bless me with coats and scarfs galore. My nose has been a constant red colour through the whole month, my skin is as dry as a badgers arse and my nails don’t fit in gloves so my hands are fucking freezing too. Where the fuck is global warming when you need it?

Like I’ve said in previous posts I don’t really watch much TV, apart from documentaries but January is different. When the weather is -5 and I have the thinnest fashion coat I thought was a good investment back early December, my body is staying indoors and TV becomes my saving grace.

Oh shit, I almost forgot my talks. I mentioned my talks in a previous blog where I thought I’d find a man. Well let me tell you I’ll be finding no future husband there, the crowd let’s say – isn’t really my type. Other than that though the talks (which is what I need to remember I’m there for) are fucking amazing. If you are into weird shit, or just find yourself at a loose end after the 9-5 I’d highly recommend checking to see if there are Funzing talks in your area. (I’m not sponsored, although I kind of wish I was so I could go to talks for free).

Anyways I’ll have to wrap this up somehow so I’ll speak to you next Sunday, where we’ll all be finally out of January hell!

Lizi xx


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