10 little things that make me happy.

Hi, just me again

Shock horror I’ve been reading more on the internet. Without social media my life has gone into a spiral, I actually have to find things to read before bed instead of scrolling past everyone’s perfect lives on Instagram.

So I read a blog about 10 things that scientifically make you happy (http://www.bonvitastyle.com/10-things-that-are-scientifically-proven-to-make-you-happier) interesting read, but science is possibly the furthest thing from my mind when I’m being happy. So I was selfishly thinking about the minor and major things in my life that make me happy and this is where I got the idea of this blog post.

Here’s my list of 10 things that make me happy;

  1. Family. Yawn, such an easy answer to write but they do. My family make me happy on a day to day basis. Weather that’s my 5pm phone call with Jan, family meals which are literally the loudest most stressful things to attend, tea at my cousin Shaunna’s house or funny videos sent to me via WhatsApp off my older brother. My family just get me and my shit humour.
  2. Fresh sheets. Who the fuck doesn’t like fresh sheets? Now I change my sheets every Sunday night it’s a ritual I’ve done since before I can remember. I fake tan on a Thursday so Sunday is the perfect day after a weekend of boozing to jump into bed with freshly washed sheets. (I’d say washed and ironed, but I haven’t hit that mark in adulthood yet where I actually use an iron).
  3. A good make up day. I do my makeup the same every day, I use the same products and the same applications in the same order but sometimes it looks like dog shit, pure dog shit. Other days, like on good makeup days I look flawless I genuinely look like I should be stood at a mac counter showing passers by the wonders of my sculptured face.
  4. Flamingos. Now if you know me in ‘real life’ you’ll know my obsession with Flamingos. I have all flamingo glasses in my house, umbrella, cushions and teddies in my room (I promise I’m not 12), pictures dotted on my dressing table, and my desk at work in just like a flamingo lover’s heaven. Can I say Flamingo anymore in this? I probably can, because I just bloody love them. The dream would be to go to the flamingo beach in Aruba, one can dream.
  5. Morning texts. Everyone loves a morning text. Mines not off the love of my life I mean sometimes it’s just a notification off Virgin Media telling me I need to pay my bill, or Santander telling me I’ve got into my overdraft.. again. But when I do get real morning texts, I just bloody love it. Waking up knowing someone has thought about me just makes me do a little wiggle of excitement whilst I’m sweating off my fake tan in a mountain of cushions and blankets on my bed.
  6. Fresh set of acrylics. When I worked at the airport for Emirates I could only have 2mm nails and they’d have to be red. Now I’m out of that army regulated world my nails are so long, and I take full advantage of not having to have red nails and most of the time they are glitter galore. I’ve actually just measured the length and they are 2.7cm pretty damn long and practical if you ask me.
  7. Pay day. Ah money the thing that makes the world go round. But pay day is my absolute favourite day of the month. I fill my petrol tank up so that annoying beep and message ‘fuel level too low’ can fuck right off. I go to the shop and actually buy branded food, its bloody bliss. Approximately 8 days after pay day I’m skint again, so those 8 days I live like a queen. I mean who wouldn’t, we are only here once love it and enjoy huns.
  8. Documentaries. I don’t watch much TV but bloody hell when I do I’ll stick on a documentary and get right into it. Documentaries fascinate me, I mean it could be about something I am so disinterested in but half way through and I turn into an activist for the topic. My favourite documentary presenters I love to watch are Stacey Dooley (bloody idol and she dresses good) or Louis Theroux (because he’s just so awkward and I love awkward).
  9. Laughing. Laughing literally makes my back ache. I laugh about anything really; I’m an awkward laugher, a loud laugher, a sly laugher but all round I love a good laugh.
  10. Friends. Ah my bloody friends, my friends literally make me the happiest gal in Manchester. Some I’m so proud of, some I admire, some I count my blessing that I’m not like them really, but I wouldn’t change any of them not even a little bit. If I didn’t have friends I genuinely think everything else in my life would go to shit. They keep me sane, and get into their overdrafts just as much as I do.

And that’s it really folks, my little list of the everyday things that make me happy. Hope you enjoyed.

All my love,

Lizi xx


  1. There’s no better feeling than getting into a bed with freshly changed sheets or the feeling of a fresh set of nails which reminds me I need to get mine done soon x

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