Confessions of a Promo Girl.

Let me introduce you to the crazy world of Promo!

I can assure you that if you have ever left your home, you will have been in contact with some kind of promotional ‘model’. I use the word model very rarely as it cringes me out so much.

Promo models are at festivals, outside nightclubs, in supermarkets, and are probably all up in your Facebook inbox too.

Now on to me. You all KNOW I love this subject.

From the tender Age of 17, I’ve been lucky enough to participate in an array of amazing events through my promotional work. Long may the side hustle continue!

The promo world gets a lot of stick, mainly off people who have never worked in it and don’t know shit. Here’s a list of some of the best myths:

‘You have to be naked’

Yes, you are right that you may have to wear next-to-nothing on some jobs, but your next job may be at a football ground in 3 layers and a hat. You can say no to jobs too, so if wearing a bikini on a cold Manchester street outside a night club isn’t for you, it’s easy enough to say no.

‘It’s all for attention!’

Listen Valerie, I’m not here freezing my arse off for anything other than money. I don’t come to your job at Tesco and tell you the only reason you are working there is for your staff discount. The reason you are there is to pay your bills. Your discount, like the attention, is just an added bonus – keep scanning those potatoes love.

‘There’s never any boys’

Now, this is a huge argument because most jobs require girls (aye aye). Therefore not as many guys need to be on the books. This doesn’t mean there are no jobs at all, it’s just a more competitive world being a guy in this industry.

‘You are all stupid and dumb’

This is the best one yet, many promotional models do this as a side job. They probably work a normal 9-5 like I do or are studying at university. As a promo model you have to be friendly, and knowledgeable about the brand. Everything about the brand you should promote, being the face for 3 brands in one week requires an enormous amount of memorisation. Promotional staff are the main reason a product will sell so an extensive knowledge on the companies range is paramount.

‘The moneys shit’

As a second job I think the money is what you’d expect, there are worse wages you could be receiving. The minimum I’d expect to get is around £15 per hour, not bad really for smiling, chatting a bit of shit and giving out free stuff aye?

To summarise, the promo world is very competitive; a women orientated industry with the odd fit guy thrown in. Everyone is out for themselves! From one job to the next, your reputation is key in securing additional work.

Like any other job, you get the odd questionable person you need to force your professionalism with. The odd group of guys that have clearly never seen a women before, flirt and be inappropriate like their lives depend on it. You aren’t there for that, so it’s easy enough to get them moved on.

Back in February there was a debate on Good morning Britain regarding if promotional models are needed… here’s the link ( For once, I actually agree with what Piers Morgan is saying, am I OK?


If you think promo work is for you, then just go for it. Take a few headshots of you looking gorgeous (make sure it actually looks like you as this is all face-to-face roles). A smiley one, a serious one and then a full length one.

Secondly, explain your experience. Customer service? Sales? Modelling? Acting?

Pop it all on love, it may be relevant.

If you have any extra talents too, shove them on your list as well. You’ll get asked to do jobs all over the country, sometimes they can be worth it, other times fuck it off and wait for something in your area.

Have fun, stay classy!

Lizi XX